Terms and Conditions

Students must agree to the terms and conditions outlined below before applying to the mentorship program.

Responsibilities and Opportunities for Student Participating in Alumni Mentor Program

Thank you for participating in the Alumni Mentor Program.

The Alumni Mentor Program was created by the Alumni Campus Advisory Committee in concert with Alumni Relations.

The purpose of the Alumni Mentor program is to connect current students with an Alumni Mentor to provide the student with guidance on subjects such as  career, networking, graduate school applications, inquiries on a particular field of study or career field, job hunting, etc.

As a student agreeing to participate in the official alumni mentor program of Sonoma State University, you are expected to be pursuing an end goal of the nature of the above description by communicating with an Alumni Mentor at least one time by phone or in person.  You must conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. A relationship between an alumni and a mentor should be similar to that of a student and a professor. The relationship should be respectful and professional at all times.  If at any time you feel the relationship is deemed unprofessional, the liaison should be notified and participation in the program may be terminated.

After being paired with a mentor, the next step is arranging a time to meet in person (preferable). A phone call may be scheduled if the mentor and student live so far away that an in person meeting is unrealistic.

If you need to re-schedule, please be cognizant of the mentor’s time and give advance notice. Please try and schedule a meeting within 1-2 weeks of being assigned.

Breaking the Ice:

We hope that the conversation between the student and the mentor flows naturally. As the student, you should come prepared with questions to ask the mentor. Below are some sample questions to ask a mentor.

  • How did you like your time at SSU? What activities were popular during your time?
  • Tell me about your current job?
  • What was your major at SSU?
  • Tell me about your career path?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your current job?

Considerations for the First Meeting

Below are some suggestions/considerations for the format of the conversation.

  • Introductions
  • Discuss backgrounds
  • Discuss interests
  • Mentor discusses career path
  • Share experiences at SSU
  • Set goal of a 35-45 minute conversation, if it goes longer that’s okay.
  • This is not a job interview. And the mentor will not have a job for you.
  • Exchange contact information

Below is a list of things to consider about the initial interaction with the mentor:

Suggested Places/times to meet with mentor:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Mentor’s Office
  • On Campus
  • Business Hours/Weekends
  • Suggested Places near campus: Charlie Browns, Starbucks, Redwood Café

Not Suggested Places/times to meet the mentor:

  • Dinner
  • Over drinks
  • Student’s dorm room

If things go awry:

  • Feel free to leave after 15 minutes if the mentor does not show
  • If your are having trouble making contact with mentor, please contact liaison

Goals of a First Meeting:

A successful meeting occurs if the student is able to gain perspective relating to the the mentor’s profession, and if the alumni believes they can help you. Furthermore, if there is a sense of trust, respect, openness, and honesty. 

Terms & Conditions: 

As a mentee in this program, you will be operating in your capacity as a SSU student. It is important the relationship be respectful and professional at all times. Your relationship with a mentor should be similar to that which you have with your professors: respectful, courteous, and professional. If at any point the alumni mentor relationship falls below these standards, please notify the alumni mentor liaison immediately.  

If you agree, please type your initials in the box below